Magic Water Systems offers these water filtration and softening systems. Our premium reverse osmosis system is a countertop undermount system. This system is installed under your kitchen sink with a dedicated countertop mounted faucet. Our PERFORMER™ and PERFORMER PLUS™ systems, whole house water softening systems, installed closest to your main water inlet, provides all the outlets in your home with a luxurious flow of water free from hardness-causing minerals.


While some competitors have proprietary components and systems, we do not. We choose to not private label our solutions allowing customers flexibility when it comes to filter and membrane replacements or variety and flexibility of service options.





Premium Reverse Osmosis System Filter Housing Membrane Reverse Osmosis System Water Storage Tank


Our Premium Reverse Osmosis System comes with these base features and benefits:


  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Certified 4.4 Gallon Tank.
  • NSF Certified Quick Connect Fittings.
  • Long Reach Chrome Faucet.
  • Faucet available in common finishes including chrome, brass, brushed nickel, or hand-rubbed bronze.
  • Color Coded Tubing.
  • One Year Limited Warranty.




MWS Performer Water Softener MWS Performer Tanks MWS Available Media Tanks


The PERFORMER™ Water Softener System comes with these base features and benefits:


  • Rigid, High Impact FDA approved, non-corrosive brine tank, with heavy duty corrosion proof tank base.
  • Double backwash feature for optimum regeneration, cleaning ability, and efficiency.
  • Step-by-step, user friendly controls with variable timer and cycles.
  • Premium quality NSF approved, FDA grade high capacity resin 10% cross-link.
  • Non corrosive, NSF approved one piece seamless molded fiberglass vessel salt tank.
  • A Whole House water softening system.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.




MWS Performer Plus Dual Tank System MWS Performer Plus Media Tank Selections MWS Performer Plus Brine Tanks Selections


The PERFORMER PLUS™ Water Softener System comes with these base features and benefits:


  • Two or more media and brine tanks for optimal performance - both made of commercial grade stainless steel outer protection covers.
  • Features additional coconut shell GAC, synthetic zeolite and anthracite for preventing algae growth and sediment filtration, respectively.
  • Rigid, High Impact FDA approved, non-corrosive brine tanks, with heavy duty corrosion proof tank bases.
  • A system built to take on the hardest water and harshest chemicals.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Product images above are for illustrative purposes only and may or may not depict actual equipment installed. The reason for this variance stems from each system as a custom installation and may require larger or smaller tanks, filter and purification mechanisms, etc. For complete details, please consult with your MWS Product Specialist.