How do I know if I need a Reverse Osmosis or Water Softening System?

You may not need to change anything. By doing a free, no obligation water analysis we will be able to determine exactly what, if anything, is needed. It is impossible to determine without checking the incoming water to your home as to what may be needed.


What is the real difference between a Reverse Osmosis (RO) vs. Water Softener?

The RO and water softener are two totally different pieces of equipment. While the softener improves the overall quality of the incoming water to the whole home, the RO system is installed under the sink and produces water that has all organic and inorganic contaminants removed. The softener cleans the incoming water for the house while the RO actually produces water that is the equivalent of bottled drinking water. The bottled water companies take ordinary tap or well water then soften it and finally run the water through an RO system, so you would have the same water as expensive bottled water without having to pay the price. Once you have the RO system in your home the only thing required is to change generic, inexpensive filters about every six months or longer and the filters can be purchased from us, or from most big box stores, or other supply houses. The filters can be changed easily by the home owner or we will maintain your system for you for a minimal charge.


Why should I be concerned about what kind of valve my Water Softener has?

The big corporate firms that offer only their proprietary equipment do not offer any valves except their own equipment parts. If it is necessary to change these parts you will pay an exorbitant cost to replace them. Only their parts work in the systems they offer and replacement parts are one of the ways they make money as their system will not work with any other parts.  We use the Clack® valve. The Clack® valve is the premier valve in the industry, and it is totally maintenance free. Plus, we offer a limited lifetime warranty should there ever be a problem.


What is a Media Tank? Why do I need it? What does it do?

The media tank is where the different medias we use clean and soften your incoming water. When we do the water analysis on your particular water, we determine, at that time, what types of media should be used to produce the best quality water coming into your home based on what is in your water.  Without a media tank there is no way to soften the water for your home.


Why should I care if the Media Tank is black, white, or chrome?

The media tanks we use come standard with a white or black color depending on the system we install.  The chrome cover on the tank is strictly for aesthetics.  Some people want a chrome cover as they like that finish on the tank but including the chrome cover does nothing extra as far as the performance of the system.


How does a Water Softener or Reverse Osmosis System save me money?

With the Magic Water System equipment, if the softener is included in your purchase, every appliance that uses incoming water will have their lives extended. Contaminated water builds up with existing contaminants in your hot water heater, in the dishwasher, washing machine, etc. Replacing these appliances can be costly. The amount of soap needed to clean your clothing in the washer or dryer will be reduced by about 75% extending the life of everything you run through the washer/dryer. Your dishes, sinks, shower doors, etc, will be free of hard water spoting, eliminating the cost of so many cleaning supplies. In essence the water system will save you enough money with its benefits that it will pay for itself in a relatively short period of time. Should you decide to move the entire system can be removed and taken with you as it has a limited lifetime warranty. Of course you could leave the system in the house you are selling and use it as a big selling feature of the home you would be selling.


How much will a Magic Water Systems Reverse Osmosis System improve my water?

Of course the incoming water quality will be a determining factor in the life of the filters, (hence a huge benefit of having a softener cleaning the incoming water to the home), but the Reverse Osmosis system will remove in excess of 95% of most every contaminant in the water.


How much will a Magic Water Systems Water Softening System improve my water?

It will extend the life of all appliances using incoming water, it will soften your water removing the majority of the chlorine in existing water supplies, (chlorine is poison along with the ammonia and other contaminants even city water supplies use to clean their water supplies), you will remove contaminant build up in your skin allowing natural body oils to moisturize your skin and make a huge difference in the softness and natural shine in your hair, the list goes on. By doing a water analysis at your home we are able to soften any water to your satisfaction.


What makes your product and service better than national water softening manufacturers?

While we have been in the water business for many years we do not have the big overhead of these huge companies. We offer equipment that is equal to or superior in quality than any equipment in the marketplace and can afford to price equivalent or better equipment at a lower cost than the largest companies. We use commercial rated equipment at the cost of residential systems. We don't have large payrolls, office expenses, advertising costs, etc., that these big companies have to deal with. And our softeners come with a limited lifetime warranty.


What maintenance is involved to maintain my system?

This will depend on the system you purchase but basically all you need to do is add salt to the salt tank on the softener a couple times a year. Softener salt is available at any big box retailer for a minimal cost. Nothing else is required of you with the softener. The RO system we market uses generic filters that are very inexpensive (usually priced at less than $10.00) and need to replaced based on your water usage about anywhere from six months to a year. Maintenance is extremely minimal. You can easily do these things yourself or we will service the system for you at a minimal charge.


Who is going to service this system when there is a problem?

Our systems come with a limited lifetime warranty so if there is a problem with the system we will take care of it at our expense.


Do you have a money back guarantee?

There is a consumer protection law in Texas that allows the homeowner to change their mind for three days after signing a contract with any company that sells you anything at your home. It would not be fair to expect Magic Water Systems to refund the purchase price to the consumer a year down the road leaving us with a used system. We have a limited lifetime warranty on our equipment due to faulty equipment but it does not provide for a refund on the system after it's been used for an extended period of time. That would not be fair to us.


Do you have a guarantee this system will work?

The equipment comes with a limited lifetime warranty for faulty workmanship in the system. We have current customer testimonials regarding our equipment and service.


I have been using a system from one of your big corporate competitors for 10 years. Why should I buy a system from you and trust that you’ll be here in 10 years to service my account?

We have worked in the water industry since the 1980's and are not going anywhere. Our management personnel each have over 20 years experience and our service people even have 15 years minimum experience. This is what we do. As water professionals with a proven track record of this many years in the water purfication industry, is exemplary. We are also members of the Water Quality Association®.


I can buy this same system at a big box retailer. Why should I pay you for the same thing I can get cheaper elsewhere?

Our customers cannot purchase this same system you would purchase from Magic Water Systems at big box retailer. You can buy a water system at these stores, but then you have to trust their contracted installers to put it in your home properly. You will NOT receive a limited lifetime warranty. Should you require service for your system that will be your problem to locate a qualified person to do the repairs. Most of these cheap systems sold in these stores are imports, primarily from China, and finding the required parts if you have a problem can be a nightmare. You will likely be faced with hiring a plumber who will charge you a fortune if they can get the parts and know how to fix your system. You are basically on your own when you buy these "disposable" systems for a ridiculously low price.


I have a filter already connected to my kitchen faucet. Why is buying your system better? Why is it more cost effective?

Filters that are connected to your faucet cost twice what our system costs over a couple year period at least if you maintain them properly. They do not provide a drain for the contaminants removed from the water, so most families do not realize that with normal water consumption their faucet filter, or anything comparable, will be contaminated in less than 30 days. All of the contaminants removed from your water just build up inside of the filter contaminating the filter itself. At $50 a month you can purchase our system utilizing our financing sources and own it. If you use a common filter on your faucet and don't change the filter monthly you will likely be drinking water from the filter that is worse than the tap water with no filtering whatsoever.


Should I buy or lease? What are the advantages?

That is up to you. We have multiple financing sources where you don't have to use your existing credit lines or write a check if you do not want to. Most homeowners choose to pay half at the time of signing the agreement and the other half when the work is completed at the installation saving any interest charges of financing a reasonably priced piece of equipment. The advantages of using our financing sources or your own is greatly determined by your credit score. We can finance almost any homeowner at a competitive interest rate on a revolving account where you pay how you choose, we have plans for those with "not so good" credit at a little higher interest rate.


If you have additional questions, please call us or speak with your sales representative. We are happy to be of service.