Magic Water Systems is under the leadership of water purification veteran, Mr. Robert Grossman. With an impeccable attention to customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder we receive the majority of our business through referrals from happy customers.

Mr. Grossman and Magic Water Systems are committed to you, our loyal customers, by providing only the best commercial grade equipment, warranty, service, and repair in the industry today. A comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty* backs all products and service. Our management possesses 25 years' experience, and our associates an average of 15 years experience in the water purification business. Our experience, coupled with quality products and competitive pricing, is a warm welcome to many of our customers as their purified water expert.


Magic Water Systems services the entire Houston metro area.


*Performer and Performer Plus Systems





I have been a customer of Bob Grossman and Magic Water Systems for 20 years in both my home and office. I have found the standards this company exhibits in providing quality equipment and service after the sale to be oustanding, something everyone looks for in a superior service company.

Dr. R.E. Truly


In this day and age, it's hard to find a company one can trust. Magic Water Systems was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why - the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work.

O. Sustala


This is by far the best system we could have invested in and have seen a complete 100% difference in our water. I see results in my pots and pans, and clothing — no residue and less detergent — even the toilets don't have hard water stains! Service was great. Installed everything in one day. I would definitely recommend this system to anyone who lives in the country, or city, and you'll see and smell the difference in your water.

B. Jones


Being the grandparent of young children and seeing the difference in the quality of the water we use just for their consumption alone is well worth the small price we paid for our Magic Water System. The small amounts of cleaning products we now use will more than pay for the system in savings in a short time. The difference in our skin and the condition of our hair are just added benefits, making this a really great deal for our family. I have no problems recommending Magic Water Systems to anyone. They have followed through on every promise they made; something hard to find in today's world.

L. Heuszel


We are very happy with our new water conditioner installed by Bob Grossman at Magic Water Systems. I highly recommend their company to anyone interested. We received quality service in a timely manner, with all questions efficiently answered. After inspecting our water quality, Bob designed a specific system to clean our water to it's best quality. The system was installed in a few hours with a proper drain system that met our needs of aesthetic functionality. All of this at a cost of quite a bit less than the other companies we were quoted. It's been over eleven months since install and the system is functioning flawlessly.

J. Blake